NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV Distributions is widely aired to gain maximum viewers, broadcast to over 60 full power broadcasters. In total NewsWatch airs to over 200 markets and this equates to over 98 million households throughout America. Just a few of the outlets that distribute NewsWatch are these….

The AMC Network
The ION Network and its Broadcast Affiliates
The ION Network and its Cable Affiliates
Direct TV and Dish Network
Independant Syndicated Stations
And of course they are all over social media.

NewsWatch runs on the AMC Network twice a month. NewsWatch covers all genres from entertainment and travel to health and technology. It is also one of the most trusted sources of breaking news, health updates and tech reviews. Created in 1990, March of that year was when the first episode aired, they have recently celebrated their 1000th original episode and have run over 10,000 different stories featuring celebrities like Will Smith and Dwayne Johnson. The go to network for accurate and interesting information.

NewsWatch TV have many reviews from the shows contributions to AMC Network. They are one of the most popular and watched shows on both channels. Reviews from contributors, distributors and the public alike is what has made NewsWatch TV such a popular news destination.